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  1. What to Do With Your Powerball Jackpot – For Gamers
    Just in case you do win [the lotto], and have no idea what to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars you’ll suddenly have in your pocket, here are the top ways gamers can spend their fortune.
  2. The Strange – Episode 7: Guild Crashers
    Transported to the MMO world of Ardeyn, our professional liars must find their target before they become someone else’s quest goal.
  3. When Honey Badger Found Me
    The heart of a poet lives in the body of a Shadowrun shaman.
  4. New World of Darkness: Our Third Sin part 1 of 2
    The residents of a small island town find themselves victim of mankind’s most familiar and infectious sin. // Part two
  5. Unhallowed Metropolis – Episode 14: Tainted Truths part 1 of 2
    Arriving at Versailles, our Neo-Victorian heroes must gain favor with the French court or risk becoming the evening meal. // Part two

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