Unhallowed Metropolis: A Pound of Flesh Ep 14 part 2 of 2

Title: Tainted Truths 2 of 2

Tiring of the games and manipulations, our heroes force a confrontation with the Golden King. An action that may reveal unpleasant truths or bring about an even more unpleasant death.

Industrial Revolution by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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6 comments on “Unhallowed Metropolis: A Pound of Flesh Ep 14 part 2 of 2

  1. Mike says:

    Wow, well that was a rollercoaster ride.

  2. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Very well done!

  3. Trimmey says:

    Wow, that was amazing. I have been listening to this series as it comes out since your first one way back when, where you had expected it to be a one shot game. It is impressive to see you tie together all of the threads you have been laying out over the years, and to do so cohesively. I will be sad to see the story of these characters end, but I am sure looking forward to the conclusion (still awaiting a Rogue Trader finale by the way ;P ) A satisfying ending is something that seems to happen so rarely in long-running RPGs and it will be great to see the epic climax of all of these characters’ personal struggles. I await with baited breath!

  4. Decarcassor says:

    Not much to be offended about in there really. The only thing I wish you explained a bit more was the seriously anachronistic and kinda cliché Versailles court thing (fashion included). I guess it create an intertesting contrast with tesla-powered grimdark England, but still, by 1905 a lot of cool shit had happened in France and Versailles castle was mostly a museum irrelevant to the government.

    I guess I was just expecting more of a warmongering Napoleonian Animate Empire. 😉

  5. Jake says:

    I love that Israel and Marcus have realised that the key to not having their souls drained out of them is to accept that they’re secondary characters in Byron and Moira’s family drama and just do as little as possible so long as their actions are being judged.

    Stay the course Byron! If there’s anything Undertale has taught me, it’s that you can do anything so long as you have DETERMINATION! That’s probably what the last few centuries of mad scientists flaunting the rules of mortality have been lacking. Determination.

    Also you now know there’s a female clone of your brother wandering around London. I really, really hope that Marcus leaks this to the Penny Dreadfuls.

  6. CallmeIshma3l says:

    I’m in the process of re-listening to this series, and when I love about this podcast is that you y’all have known each other long enough that whoever is GM knows how they would be able to coax the players into doing something awesome (and if the player in question would dig it). The accent switching scenes only work with players that love that kind of play and are able to do it well. 2 Thumbs waaaaay up! 😀

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