New to Fandible?


Hello new listener! With almost 11 years of Actual Play Podcasts, we know figuring out where to start can be a challenge. Below we’ve hand picked some of our best content to help you get started.

The Long Shot

Four adventurers on a journey of discovery explore a world 1 billion years in our future. This has been a multi-year adventure that has gone through countless episodes and misadventures. Listen from the start to finish! 

This series stars everyone from the Fandible Podcasting family! 


The SoloShot

An Imperial Inquisitor is tested by the powers of the dark side. This is a two-person Star Wars: Force and Destiny Actual Play Podcast, that has been finished!

Angela is the GM and Billy plays the lonesome Imperial Inquisitor. Follow them both through 4 seasons and 88 episodes! Will there be a fifth season? Well, that depends if the fans scream loud enough! 

What Fandible specializes in is one shots and micro-series. We try a lot of different games, tell a lot of different stories, and our library of past games shows this! After 11 years of releasing a podcast EVERY Friday, our library can seem rather intimidating! Where do you even start?

The following games highlight some of our favorites. Give them a listen, give them a laugh, and get your first taste of the Fandible Podcast Network. 


End of the World: That Is Not Dead

Join the four unluckiest bastards as they are thrown into a zombie apocalypse. Will they survive? Doesn’t matter! Because we restart this series every episode with a new End of the World scenario. 

Chronicles of Darkness: The Long Drive

Check out the latest from the Billyverse, our Chronicles of Darkness series which Billy takes our players through a horror scenario. In this story, our three protagonists discover that the highway is more than just asphalt and road… 

Nitrate City: Blood Money

It’s the 1960s and monsters exist. That is the setting of Nitrate City. Follow the adventures of a re-animated PI, a drink-slinging werewolf, and a lounge singer that goes bump in the night as they try to make it in the dog-eat-dog city of Hollywood. 

Shadowrun Prime: Everything Must Go 

Shadowrun SoS: Saints of Suffering

We have two different flavors of Shadowrun: Shadowrun Prime where we play as Shadowrunners and Shadowrun SoS where we play EMTs in the blood-soaked streets of Seatle. Which ever your taste lie, you’ll find the Fandible charm in BOTH series. 

Unhallowed Metropolis: The Strange Dead

Welcome to Neo-Victorian London. The dead have risen, abominations have been created by the genius and madness, and Man has proven itself to be the ultimate monster.

Follow this completed series from start to finish! Twenty episodes! Four characters! One unbelievable adventure.   

BubbleGumshoe: Veronica Base, Casefile #001

Check out Bubble Gumshoe with Fandible! In this young adult adventure, three children on Veronica Base, Mars, must uncover a mystery! 

This is a completed one-shot that will always hold a place in our hearts for its fun mechanics and endearing characters. 

Final Girl: The Specter of Sleepy Pines

This is a delightful one-shot adventure where the goal is to tell a horror movie until there is only one character left! So grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to hear about the Specter of Sleepy Pines! 

Blood on the Trail: Wagon Train of Death

A small wagon train sets out on the Oregon Trail, seeking wealth, prosperity, and freedom out west. However what they discover on the way is ancient, deadly, and so very hungry. 

If you are a fan of historical horror, this is the story for you! 

3 Goblins in a Trenchcoat

Dan of Fandible created 3 Goblins in a Trenchcoat to our fan’s delight. Listen to this story of three goblins, one trenchcoat, and a cauldron full of fun as they try to steal a baby for their dinner!