Escaping from a ork ship and headed to a planet of horrors, the crew must do all they can to survive. But what will they do when one of their own undergoes a rather violent and permanent change.

Intro Music: Summon the Rawk by Kevin Macleod

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21 comments on “Rogue Trader Ep 14: The Barsher Ascension

  1. Gerry the russian says:

    Mook: “Please, I have a family!”
    Barsha: “AND I’LL EAT THEM TOO!”


  2. Jake says:

    I want to talk about the stuff that happened at this episode, especially at the end, but honestly it would be such a spoiler for people who haven’t read it yet that I feel like I can’t. The pain is still too near.

    Besides I’m still trying to get over at this surge of utter competence being displayed by Quantus. He’s saving the day, not running from combat and perceptively keeping track of other people’s motivations.

    I am deeply suspicious.

  3. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    Well, as long as you put a Spoiler tag infront of it, I promise I’ll do the same. Go ahead and talk about it. That is… unless the great and powerful Jesus thinks otherwise…

  4. Lucek says:

    Wait. What? 😛

  5. Arvandus says:

    As long as you have a spoiler tag, I approve.

  6. Im laying here on my back post surgery, trying not to laugh because it hurts when I laugh… DAMN YOU FANDIBLE!!! 😛

    Quantis – Does your species require oxygen to survive?
    Barsha – Yeah, you wanna make somethin of it?

    Also, for Quantis, more mechadendrites, you can have one per point of Toughness bonus. Multiple Weapon Mech = multiple weapon options, also pick up anMIU with a melta pistol, extra shot as a free action, melta not plasma becaue having things explode next to your face is no bueno.

  7. FandibleDave says:

    @Captain Stabby After reading your post I perused some Rogue Trader forums to get a better idea of how ‘mechs work, as I often purchase things for Quantus with absolutely no idea what they do. Your advice is sound, and I will be acquiring such accoutrements as soon as we actually start using the Acquisition rules. (You may have noticed that we’re heavy on the “Rogue” but light on the “Trading”.) Once we do, though, I’m all about melta-shooting metal attachments.

    We here at Fandible wish you a speedy recovery, Captain.

  8. Andante says:

    Oh man, I’m super glad you returned to Rogue Trader. That’s my favorite series from you guys! Actual plays of 40k is hard to find, and quality ones doubly so! Fandible’s been a tremendous source of inspiration for my own Fate 40k campaign.

    *spoilers follow*

    So many moments to choose from! Barshar’s 5 minute mutiny was probably the tensest and most hilariously concluded scene for me. If that was all done spontaneously at the table, than mucho kudos!

    I’m going to miss that guy! Any plans on who will fill the void? I do hope you make another 40k recording soon!

  9. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    When did Barsher lead a mutiny…? God, that oaf had too many adventures for me to recall!

  10. FandibleDave says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Barsha’s antics (and Billy’s genius) for the past few years right as they happen, but my favorite Barsha moment remains one of the first: Barsha hears the term “draconian law” and turns it into “Dragon’s Law”, which blew my mind with it’s simplicity, hilarity and brilliance. It was that moment that I turned to Billy and declared “You have to be smart to role play this stupid.”

    Mutinies, alien attacks and demonic machinations will come and go, but all shall abide by The Dragon’s Law.

  11. Andante says:

    Barsha led a mutiny for all of the time it took for him to find the captain to issue a challenge, but before he could do that, Captain Awesomepants promoted him to lead the expedition to the Empire of Steel to find orks!

    I’m going to miss that guy!

  12. CallmeIshma3l says:

    I’m a relatively newer listener, and have been binging on old rouge trader to get daunt up. While I agree Dragons Law was friggin inspired, I’ve got to go with what I call the sound of Stealth Failing: “IM DA BARSHS, YOU DA BARSH,, DA BARSHAS, BARSH BARSH BARSH!”

  13. CaptainStabby says:

    I think the best part of the Dragon Law was that he didn’t say it till like an hour later.

  14. CaptainStabby says:

    @dave Also if you are worried about actually rolling “to hit” with Quantus, I’d throw a heavy flamer on one of those weapon Mechadendrites. Force Jesus to roll to jump out of the way. That way it’s his fault if you miss and in no way reflects poorly on Quantus’ combat (in)ability. 🙂

    Also burnydeath!!!

  15. Syren says:

    Totally my favorite was when he was developing his Power Klaw and ripping through the ship to challenge the Captain. Mostly cause it very clearly established the humor and schtick of the Renaldo/Barsher relationship. Barsher is destructive, wants to rule the ship, but 8s not hat sharp(very bright though) and easily distracted. While the Captain calmly is aware of all oc this and harcly responds to any ceath threat beyonc the 40k equivilent of a father non-chalantly looking down from his newspaper to make sure his child didn’t hurt themself or break something in the latest antic.

  16. Foxbear says:

    Hey guys…I’m sorry if I’m being an ass here, but..will we be seeing another Rouge Trader podcast eventually?

  17. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    Next week, actually 😀

  18. Thelastarchitect says:

    Who will be replacing Basha? I’m assuming the Seneschal but I’m curious.

    Also, have you guys ever considered using the Profit Factor rules? They’re a big part of the system without the hassle of keeping track of money or anything? It’s just you guys are great at thinking up story additions as players, so being able to buy stuff on the fly easily, not items per say but often storyhook items such as bases on the planets you visit, armies, etc could be cool.

    I bring it up because a large part of the theme of these episodes seems to be the Captain’s desire to build up his own empire/corporation but you guys don’t seem to use the rules for such due to the Fandible preference for going rules light, so I just wanted to point them out as you might enjoy using them more than you’d like.

    Also Jesus should check out the Rogue Trader source book Stars of Inequity. It’s got great rules for Colonies that would be perfect for Illiana’s Lament, including rules for representatives (Illiana) who run those colonies.

    I only recommend this stuff because I’ve run a few Campaigns of Rogue Trader, campaigns not just sessions, and these are some big rules that have helped make the whole “lets go be big and awesome and build are organisation” process fun. 🙂

    – Architect OUT

  19. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    The person who will replace Barsha is a surprise.

    As for the rules about Profit Factor, we’re interested in them. Honestly, I think David’s been pushing for that sort of thing for a bit. We’re going to give them a go… eventually. It just takes time for us to hammer things out. But yes, we are going to attempt to work with some profit factor rules in the future.

    As for Rogue Trader, we’re glad everyone seems to enjoy it. We have many (many) campaigns that we want to run, but we only have one Saturday a week to do it (that is until we get sponsored by Doritos and can make this our day job). Since we are trying to avoid burn out, we usually give games a three session arc before moving on, so this means that some games sort of have a bit of a wait before we return to them. This month has been us catching up on Unhallowed Metropolis! After we give Jesus a week or three break from GMing, we’ll begin work on our large Rogue Trader three session arc (but don’t worry, we got something for you this week, as well!)

    Tentatively (As in we might follow this or not…), we’re looking to finish up some Unhallowed this week. Next, I’m think we’ll do a NWoD OR Hollow Earth (I’m hoping its this one!) And then we’ll start on Rogue Trader in May.

    Don’t ever worry about asking us when we plan to post more of a particular campaign. We usually try to keep people informed when they have questions. Heck, if you guys are interested, we could do a Q&A session for you so you can ask about your favorite campaigns. Would that be something you’d be interested in?

  20. Thelastarchitect says:

    Q&A session could be pretty good, though you should probably gather the questions preemptively rather than do the session live.

    It might also give you guys a chance to bring up offscreen background elements of characters that might not come up usually over the course of a game.

  21. Anthony says:

    I’ll be honest.

    I never led Barsher. He was kinda…annoying to me. I don’t like the stereotypical stupid characters, even if they end up gaining some modicum of intelligence, and in general I just don’t like Orks. The race just kind of…irks me. I know I previously stated the reason I didn’t like Warhammer was the racism, but if there was an exception, it’d be the orks; they just offend me to no end. A mass of stupid creatures who care only about war.


    I DID like the camaraderie Barsher had with Renaldo. It almost was a bit like a ‘father-son’ relationship, which I thought was well portrayed.

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