Rogue Trader Ep 3: Welcome to Chaos Air part 3 of 3

On a ship visibly mutating with chaotic energy, the crew realize that nothing is scarier than a noble who has reached an epiphany.

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3 comments on “Rogue Trader Ep 3: Welcome to Chaos Air part 3 of 3

  1. Inquisitor Teivel says:

    Loving these casts people, i’ve been passing them on to the rest of my group as well and it’s inspired us to start recording our own (equally crazy) adventures.

    Thanks for the shout out btw.

    Just a question, are you guys applying the unnatural strength and toughness bonuses to the Kroot and Ork? It just seemed like Angela’s damage rolls were far too low for someone that really should have a strength bonus of 8-12 at this point.

  2. Angela says:

    Glad you’re getting in on the recording fun!

    We definitely don’t always remember to factor in the unnatural strength bonuses – we played another Rogue Trader session two weeks ago and I think I remembered halfway through that I should be adding those in? Telka’s in an awkward place right now – she has the strength to be fighting melee, but isn’t really tough enough to endure hand-to-hand combat for long, so she tries to play the assassin and shoot from afar. She’s leveling up slowly but surely so hopefully we’ll get her to a truly productive place soon!

  3. YuriPRIME says:

    This cast is amazing and so funny ^^ Hah love your team, glad you’ve took some original classes and races and know exactly how to bold out all the tasty characteristic. Da ORK is da BEST! XD
    I think he should a captain for good! It’s great, I mean it is in lore and idea of Warhamer to make Oks terrifying and humoprous in this strange british northener-football-hoolygan-way. I loved this cast, ow going to Dark Heresy… oh yeah and waiting for more adventures of you guys and your spaceship!

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