Unhallowed Metropolis

Neo-victorian London is a city of smog and death. Its streets filled with the detritus of humanity stuck to a culture centuries old.

It is in this city that four of its residents begin their search for answers. An answer that began with the death of a brother and may end with the death of an entire city.

Unhallowed Metropolis actual play episodes

Episode 1: The Strange Dead / part 2

Episode 2: Whipping Tom / part 2

Episode 3: Dead Flames / part 2

Episode 4: Life’s Masquerade / part 2

Episode 5: Changing Fortunes / part 2

Episode 6: False Flesh / part 2

Episode 7: Ello Boss

Episode 8: False Perceptions / part 2

Episode 9: Unseen Agenda’s / part 2

Episode 10: Whispered Vows/ part 2

Episode 11: Wild Urges/ part 2

Episode 12: Tested Faith/ part 2

Episode 13: False Refuge/ part 2

Episode 14: Tainted Truths/ part 2

Episode 15: Hostile Shores/ part 2

Episode 16: Domestic Villainy/ part 2

Episode 17: False Judgement / part 2

Episode 18: Circus of the Damned/ part 2/ part 3

Episode 19: Hidden Innocence/ part 2

Episode 20: Final Resolutions/ part 2

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