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If you’ll allow me to wax philosophical for a moment: Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth. Moreso even than the new year, it’s a time to take on new projects.

This Spring we’ve lined up new appearances and events, as well as celebrating a milestone from last spring. Here’s what’s coming up this season from Fandible…

April 8th: AutismNJ Fundraiser in Skippack, PA

At Dreamation this year we met the good people of Degrees of Gaming, and their podcast Our Personal Interests. They’re hosting an autism awareness fundraiser at New Wave Comics on April 8th, and Billy and I will be in attendance as GMs. If you’re near Philadelphia, join us for a day of gaming to support a good cause.

April 13th: AcadeCon 2017 Kickstarter launch

We had a blast at AcadeCon in November, and we’re excited to see a new Kickstarter coming from The RPG Academy in April. The whole Fandible crew plans on attending this Dayton, OH convention in November, and we hope to meet more listeners this year!

Dates TBD…

I’m racking up a nice roster of podcast guest appearances this season. Already in the can is a guest GM spot with The RPG Academy for one of their Trials of Hollow Earth Expedition. Tune in when it airs for an original HEX adventure with four brand new players pulled from across the RPG Academy’s podcast network.

And upcoming in April, I’ll be on the Gameable Podcast discussing the best cartoon of all time: Gargoyles. I’ll be the special guest on an episode dedicated to analyzing setting in Gargoyles and how to use it to inspire your own games. As a resident of NYC, who crosses Lexington every day, works on Broadway, and can see the Hudson from her office, I’m excited to bring my local’s perspective to this iconic show. Make sure you’re following me and Fandible on Twitter to hear when these episodes go live.

And also coming up soon…

April 12th: One year of the Fandible Longshot!

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since the very first Longshot episode was posted. Our ragtag band of adventurers have been through a lot - a lot – in a year, and yet there’s still more to come! Thank you to everyone who has listened to this experiment and stayed with us on the wild journey.

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A city girl with midwestern roots, Angela has been on the internet for far too long. A geek of many stripes, when Angela isn't pretending to be a different person every weekend she can be found reading, writing (that novel will come out some day!), or preparing for her eventual life as a crazy cat woman. Angela also blogs about gaming at the blog Gaming as Women http:///www.gamingaswomen.com

8 comments on “Upcoming Fandible Events

  1. Michael says:

    So….. you live in New York, are going to a New Jersey fundraiser…… in Pennsylvania? You east coasters are an odd bunch!!!

    -editors note: I completely support fundraising for autism support, and my nephew is on the autism spectrum, I just find the locations ironic

  2. Angela says:

    @Michael – The wonders of mass transit out here: it’s super easy to jump between those three states! (But yes, it’s an unusual combination!)

  3. CallmeIshma3l says:

    I started getting into the Gameable podcast at y’all’s recommendation, and I was hoping somebody from Fandible would jump in on their latest Gameable Saturday morning shtick, looking forward to hearing their reaction to you having actually gamed gargoyles 🙂

  4. Angela says:

    We’ve been trying to make it work for awhile! But Fandible as a collective don’t actually have that many cartoons we can speak about with any authority (and of course five million people were clamoring to talk Gargoyles!). And yes, that Gargoyles game will likely come up as well.

  5. CallmeIshma3l says:

    One more: as you are just a couple of shows, have any of the other members members of Fandible guest started on any other podcast? Also, will Fandible be welcoming any guest stars?

  6. Angela says:

    At the moment, I don’t believe any other guest spots are lined up. After the last FandiSummit, I was elected head of outreach, so I get first dibs on guest gigs We haven’t planned on any guests of our own yet, but that’s the next thing I’d like to add to my outreach plans!

  7. William says:

    Hey… Idea for Coan Here… you guys are planning a musical episode… and I have a good suggestion for him…


    Imagine that but modified lightly to Coan…

    I Don’t Live a Human life, I Live the monster life… Because I’m a monster

  8. William says:

    Oh, and pardon the spelling etc, was afraid I’d lose track of that idea while listening to your guys GRT, thanks for the episodes guys!

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