Hollow Earth Expedition

hex_coverIn 1936, a disgraced academic leads a team to an Egyptian pyramid in search of great secrets. Accompanied by an acclaimed Hollywood director and a wandering former cowboy, they trigger an ancient trap, and find themselves lost in a world of marvels. Dinosaurs, Amazons, and creatures too strange for modern science coexist side-by-side, and all are threatened by a darkness spreading from the surface world. As new allies are discovered, and fearsome enemies made, will these pulp adventurers live long enough to escape the dangers of the Hollow Earth?

Hollow Earth Expedition Actual Play episodes

Episode 1: Beneath the Mummy’s Tomb / part 2

Episode 2: River Run

Episode 3: The Women Thieves

Episode 4: Bloody Ben / part 2

Episode 5: Shipwreck Shuffle / part 2

Episode 6: The Viking Extras

Episode 7: Escape from Shipwreck Bay

Episode 8: Secrets of the Soul Crystal / part 2

Episode 9: Unexpected Saviors

Episode 10: Death From Above

Episode 11: Battle Hymn of the Hollow Earth

Episode 12: Have Nails – Will Travel

Episode 13: In the Shadow of the Mountain / part 2

Episode 14: A Pirate’s Life For Me

Episode 15: Son of a Shipwreck / part 2

Revelations of Mars Actual Play Episodes

Episode 1: Revelations of Mars / part 2


Additional content

An Anthropological Study of the Peoples of the Hollow Earth


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  1. Jace says:

    So good to see more of these, I missed the group of explorers so much.

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