Warhammer 40k

Rogue Trader Ep 14: The Barsher Ascension

Escaping from a ork ship and headed to a planet of horrors, the crew must do all they can to survive. But what will they do when one of their own undergoes a rather violent and permanent change.

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Rogue Trader Ep 12: Ancient Perfection part 2 of 2

Deep within an hostile nebula, the crew of the Shadow Labyrinth comes upon an ancient structure. Will the crew find profit, or will its inhabitants make short work of the invaders?

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Rogue Trader Ep 12: Ancient Perfection part 1 of 2

A few months after breaking off from whats left of the Imperium, the shadow labyrinth shuttles between a dwindling list of potential clients. Luckily, a certain object is more then willing to show them a new path.

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Rogue Trader Ep 11: Delectable Misery

Two members of the shadow labyrinth crew find themselves stuck on a Dark Eldar world. Will they die a horrible death like so many others or will an unlikely ally lead them to freedom.

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Only War: 99 Problems

Stuck on a jungle moon, what’s left of the 14th catachans unit must go through hostile territory to escape a possible bombardment. To do this, they must fight rampaging orks, a new ravenous enemy, and dice that apparently want to kill them. Other Games

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Rogue Trader Ep 10: Turning Point part 2 of 2

After a fairly eventful trip through the warp, the crew initiates its plans to enter the facility thought to contain potential space marines.

What they find inside will show them the depths of Daniel Kunan’s depravity and makes the crew realize that the fight against Daniel Kunan may not have a happy ending.

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