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  1. How Are We Driving?
    It’s been awhile since Fandible came groveling to our fans in hopes of hearing how we have failed them. Before you can rise up with your criticisms (OR PRAISE!), let me do a recap of what we’ve done for you this past year for the Fandible 2016 update.
  2. The End of the World: Skitter
    Four single friends gather on Valentine’s Day for a bro-night. Too bad visitors from outer space have other plans. Don’t miss part 2!
  3. The Strange: Crowd Control
    The dimensional thieves discover that managing a guild can be more trouble than it’s worth.
  4. Arrant Powers: Harsh Beginnings
    Set before the superhero zombie apocalypse, two villains must “rescue” a mafia Don’s daughter before all hell breaks loose.
  5. Case File: T-102
    Lucas Burrus (Torchlight) has been stuck behind the desk since the last Rotted Capes’ game. Wanda has asked him to write up a report for Andrew Westin concerning the Heckler Gang on Highway K-7. 

And of course, don’t forget the big Fandible Longshot announcement!

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