How Are We Driving?

How are we driving? Fandible 2016 update

It’s been awhile since Fandible came groveling to our fans in hopes of hearing how we have failed them. And thus, Fandible has nominated me (clearly due to my keen groveling skills) to see how we are doing in our fans’ eyes. But before you can rise up with your criticisms (OR PRAISE!), let me do a recap of what we’ve done for you this past year for the Fandible 2016 update.

Like always, Fandible has continued with our promise of a podcast every Friday. For the past five years, we’ve produced a two-hour (or longer) podcast for you to enjoy. We’ve stopped some games (RIP Rogue Trader) and we’ve started a few new games. We’ve also continued along with some of our more popular stories such as Unhallowed Metropolis and Rotted Capes (soon to be known as Arrant Powers! You’ll have to listen on March 11th to find out more). Fandible has also been taken requests from our fans and creators on other games we should try. We just reviewed Sentinels of the Multiverse and let’s not forget our time in Planet Mercenary.

We’ve also made sure to provide you with one Geeky Round Topics Discussion every month, as we’ve promised through our Patreon, as well as a blog post every Wednesday. How about that for clockwork? The one thing I can say about Fandible that I’m really proud of is that we are providing content on a regularly weekly basis. And mostly that’s because of you. Your comments have really helped us in that regard.

Of course, we all need to thank Jesus for updating the look of Fandible. While we’ve had a few bugs popping out of the woodwork, I feel we’re getting closer to a cleaner and more organized site. Of course, if this isn’t the case, please alert us immediately! Fans have already been incredibly helpful with spotting bugs that have popped up in our past content due to our website changes.

The one last thing Fandible has done recently is merchandise! Yes, if you haven’t seen it yet, we have put out our first t-shirt featuring the mad ramblings of Dr. Charles Israel from Unhallowed Metropolis. You still have a few days left to grab this T-shirt before it is laid to rest. We have a few more T-shirts planned for the future, but if there is a particular Fandible quote that you think would make a fine shirt, please share it with us.

So, that is what we’ve done thus far. That’s a pretty solid bit – but we want to do more. We haven’t put out a Fandible game since Fandible 2048 and let’s not bring up our lack of video content! We’re looking to add more videos in the near future, but would love your input on what you’d like to see from us.

Speaking of the future, Fandible is working on something special. We aren’t quite ready to release it just yet, but we’ll be sharing announcements in the next few weeks about something new you can be expecting from us.

So! Fandible Fans… how are we doing? What do we need to improve on? What are we doing right? How are we driving?

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About the Author
Billy started out his roots like many roleplayers - D&D. Playing it and then Vampire all through highschool and college, Billy picked it all up again when he made the move from Michigan to New York. Now working in publishing, Billy does what he can to view roleplaying games through a narrative's lens. Does that sound classy as balls? It should.

11 comments on “How Are We Driving?

  1. MDMann says:

    Justify your existence!

    Oh smeg

    Oh smeg indeedy

  2. Chris D says:

    I keep coming back for more and the random episodes. I’m just starting to listen to all the Hollow Earth Expedition podcasts, the GTRT episodes are fun to listen to. Personally, I found you guys while looking for Shadowrun podcasts to inspire me for a game that never quite got off the ground (such is life). I’m going to listen to the rotted capes and Unhallowed Metropolis next. Just keep doing what you are doing and anything extra is a bonus (although I would like to see more Shadowrun with the original characters).

  3. Terry Moore says:

    I enjoy the world of darkness games in particular the Demon the Descent game.

    As for improvements. I really enjoyed the the GTRT live chat during the blizzard. So maybe more live events? or interactive ones?

  4. Sam says:

    I had a lot of fun with the live podcast during the blizzard, so if you guys can sort out the audio issues with that I would love to get another one some time!

    Your actual plays are consistently wonderful, with that nice mix of one shots and long running games that make me excited for the next episode. (I’ve actually started swapping theories about plots and characters with another friend who is a listener) (He has yet to buy that Zap secretly has feelings for Jack in HEX)

    I do have to say that my favourite blog posts tend to be the ones that are in character. It’s cool to expand on cannon through holiday shopping guides and valentines day notes, even if they tend to be absolutely ridiculous.

  5. CallmeIshma3l says:

    I bought one of the t-shirts cuz I have fun with this Podcast, I could never get any of the games to work in the first place, so if you didn’t have a blast and a half making them, meh.
    But the GTRTs are real good time, God knows I’ve been puttibng in questions for them, so keep them going if ya’ll enjoy them.
    One of the great things about this podcast, is that it shows that you guys are having fun.
    Let that be your guiding light.

  6. Two of my major comments is the change in game play lengths. It seems inconsistent with different games and some of them would do if you would play the whole thing in one sitting.

    The other complaint is the changes in systems itself. While I know it is fun to change it up, I find it a bit fustrating that the next story for one system would be updated or played for about 2-3 months.

    Food for thought, but I think playing the whole story in one episode would be great or maybe stick with the one series for 1/2 of the month than do an indie game for the other half.

  7. Green says:

    I feel like the site’s doing great. I prefer to let both episode parts come out before I listen to them, so I can just go through all of it in one sitting, but I’m content to wait.

    I enjoy that you all have done a lot of lesser known games. I actually found you guys to start with because I was looking for an example Only War podcast to listen to. Other people might find you in a similar way.

    My only suggestion might be that, because you’re all very big into the WoD (or Chronicles now), put it to use and have another one shot or two shot for more of the different gamelines.

  8. Nate Zabel says:

    I am a huge fan of the fandible podcasts. I’ve listened to many of the different series from start to finish. My only constructive feed back would be that many of Jesus’ characters feel very much the same wether he is GMing or playing. Many come off as arrogant and rude. I’m sure that Jesus is a nice guy irl, I would love to hear him play a character outside his comfort zone. Keep up the good work and thank you for your time and effort.
    All the best,
    Nate Zabel

  9. Angela says:

    Thank you everyone that’s commented! We’ve read all of these, and we’re really excited that we’ll have some announcements soon that should address some of this feedback. I also want to let you know that, outside of posts like this, the best way to let us know you’re enjoying a particular piece/style of content is to leave a comment on the post! Our page counter analytics can only tell us so much – we want to hear directly from you if you enjoyed a story, a blog post, or an episode. We notice when posts get fewer (or more!) comments than usual, and adapt our strategy accordingly.

    Thanks again for being such great fans, everyone.

  10. Mawdrigen says:

    I. An Englishman, sent you tea.

    This should tell you everything you want to know!

    Failing that I’m liking it, there seems to be an on mic search for a good superhero system going on, with varying levels of success. I’m enjoying the gtrt coming out on a fixed schedule as well!

  11. Dylan says:

    You guys are one of my favorite podcasts. You do a wonderful job providing quality entertainment. I will sincerely miss the antics of the Rogue Trader, every episode is fantastic.

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