Rogue Trader Ep 8: Hulks in Space! part 1 of 2

Looking for work, the crews favorite informant Ding provides them with some juicy info. A pirate of some fame is looking to enter a space hulk and might be interested in a extra hand. Of course, they will have to prove themselves first.

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4 comments on “Rogue Trader Ep 8: Hulks in Space! part 1 of 2

  1. Foxbear says:

    i rofl’d so damn hard at the roomba bit…keep on shinning you crazy traders!

  2. Euphaleric says:

    I thought this podcast was going to end with Angela in the hospital.

    Breathe! BREATHE!

  3. Angela says:

    I think we needed a disclaimer on this episode: no players were harmed in the playing of this game. Man, I came down with a *bad* case of the giggles there – and by the time I calmed down I honestly had no memory of what had set me off. Oxygen deprivation causing memory loss?

  4. John H says:


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