Rogue Trader Ep 8: Hulks in Space! part 2 of 2

Proving themselves to Pirate Lord Drekker, the crew sets off to a  space hulk to find mysteries, riches, and horrible horrible monsters.

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2 comments on “Rogue Trader Ep 8: Hulks in Space! part 2 of 2

  1. The Architect says:

    All I could think of after the little bit where the Captain was tempted for a second by the ‘everything – chaos’ vision was ‘I wonder if he knows PCs can make Daemonhosts’. No idea why. It’s in a compatible source book for Rogue Trader. It’s probably because a similar instance in my own campaign caused my group’s Rogue Trader to well… make a Daemonhost which went surprising well for a while.

    Great game as usual and I really like Angela’s new character. She has a similar dynamic with the Ork as the Kroot but she seems to be a more developed character with more room for growth.

  2. Foxbear says:

    awesome playthrough guys! Mek-Boss Barsha ftw!! x3

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