The Final Chapter of Rogue Trader

Rogue-Trader-copyWhen Rogue Trader began, I had no idea how it would end – or if it would end. It was, in many ways, an extension of our Dark Heresy game. Here is the same Warhammer you know, but you have a spaceship. It was a massive cathedral spaceship housing tens of thousands, but a spaceship nonetheless.

The game started with a trip to a space station to trade some guns. From these humble origins, the players encountered alien races, fought those aliens races, and also pissed off one of the most powerful human factions in that sector of space. Also, one of our main characters blew up a planet as he ascended to demi-godhood. As space opera’s go, that is a definite step towards the right direction. Well, many steps, with explode-y bits.

Still, after 15 episodes, all the major players and events have been set. There are a few revelations that need to shown, but everything is quickly coming to a head. Each player has their own missions and goals ahead of them that will define their characters and who they are. Reynaldo has Daniel Kunan and his space armada to look forward too. Quantus has a new techpriest friend and a strange cube to wonder about. Natesevya is going deep into crazy town and laughing along the way, and as for Billy’s new character… well, let’s leave that as a surprise.

I’ve come to the point in the story where I could lead the group into a few more zany adventures, or bring everything to a satisfying end. As much as I love these characters, the storyteller in me knows that it’s time to bring about the closing chapters of the book. Does that mean next episode is the final episode? God no. I refuse to pull a Mass Effect ending on this game. I won’t ignore important plot points and try to tie everything into a nice, nonsensical bow. It would not only be a disappointment to our fans, but to me. No, the third and final chapter of this story will take as many sessions as necessary to bring everything together.

I am currently taking a break from GMing after running our latest Unhallowed Metropolis arc, but when I return, I expect to come back to Rogue Trader with characters old and new. Like all good space operas, I expect epic space battles, really big space things full of alien stuff, and tenuous alliances between desperate allies. I hope the next few session will not disappoint.

To tide you guys over, here is some epic space opera music and a question. Who is your favorite NPC from the Rogue Trader game and why?


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Jesus “Arvandus” Rodriguez is the founder and website tweaker of the Fandible podcast. When he isn't out creating imaginary worlds for his players, he also runs a youtube channel where he writes short fiction in various fictional worlds.

8 comments on “The Final Chapter of Rogue Trader

  1. Jake says:

    Eventually every campaign ends, either because the GM and players decide it’s over or a group breaks apart. Or in extreme cases people die of old age. Rogue Trader was the podcast that brought me to Fandible, so I’ll be sad to see it (eventually) go, but I’m glad you’re probably not going to wrap everything up with through a magical holographic child giving you a trinary choice that had never been previously mentioned before.

    This is one of my favourite RPG settings, and I will be sad to know there will be a point where there will be no more stories about the people of the Shadow Labyrinth and its reportedly incredibly mutinous crew.

    This isn’t really a very hard question, since Barsher now qualifies as an NPC after “ascending” in a previous episode. Other than that I’m somewhat partial to Lelianna because I’ve always had a soft spot for the loyal worker who stays behind to tend to the home base and keep things running while the PCs go off and have financially impractical adventures. I imagine she sighs a lot.

  2. CallmeIsma3l says:

    FOR THE GLORY OF ….Chris.

  3. Warren says:

    “Satisfying end” – yay.
    “Satisfying END” – boo.

    Contradictory? Maybe. You don’t know me!

  4. Warren says:

    Favourite NPCs:

    Daniel Kunan – for the seemingly insurmountable obstacle that he seems to be, especially in light of how his villanous origin is tied to the PCs _in game_ actions.

    Barsha’s gretchin – for his impotent hate.

    The Dark Eldar leader / Dark Eldar sword – creeeeepy.

  5. Growls says:

    All good things may come to an end.
    A term most GM’s should take to heart. Endings are hard, but needed for closure.

  6. Lucek says:

    Does Telka count post Natesevya?

  7. Syren says:

    I hope so because I think, the NPC who had the deepest impact on me so far was Arkham, the old Void Master who was brought back around for that character defining moment for Captain Macarius.A true crowning moment in your history as a GM Jesus.

  8. Arvandus says:

    I was rather happy of the Arkham reveal. Since it was a former PC, it brings allot more emotion into a scene for the players. Plus, that’s what James gets for moving to California and being successful in life… the jerk.

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